Steel Fabrication Detailing

solve offer a fast and efficient Steel Fabrication Drawing & Design service to a wide range of customers including Steel Fabricators and Structural Engineers. Utilising latest 3D modelling software and error-proof quality control systems, we provide high quality drawings within client-specified time.

Our service packages include design fabrication drawings, design calculations for all type of steel joint connections and material lists. Parts and assemblies can be detailed and toleranced completely.

Being a full Consulting Engineering practice we can also provide a complete design package including Planning applications, Building Regulation applications, Outline scheme proposals and 3D models, Structural Design and fabrication detailing, Road and drainage designs.

All drawings are generated from a comprehensive 3D model which can be viewed online through our dedicated project server and can be interrogated in house to find part marks, component numbers etc which can reduce the amount of 2D drawing details required and provide a much greater visualisation of the project during fabrication and erection.